My Style


Ask my friends and family what stands out about me and they will tell you that I am known for my honesty, diligence, persistence and hard work …..and that I love to have a good laugh. I consider myself to have a strong intuitive side while employing encouragement and genuine concern and I always try to create a positive experience with people around me. My clients “turned” friends and friends “turned” clients will say that I am a focused able advisor and a strong advocate for them but most of all… I keep it real!

My business approach is one where it’s important for me to connect with people before committing to them. What do I mean by that?  Well for any good partnership to work there has to be a connection and a meeting of the minds and hearts so to speak. When this this happens trust begins to build and then open and honest communication starts to flow. Any Real Estate Salesperson that is only focused on the sale and not focused on the people first will never truly succeed in the long run (if you’re a transactional type reading this – you’re thinking success is about the money). True success is measured by the bonds you form along the way where people will keep coming back to you because not only are you able to do the job but that you actually care about the people you’re doing the job for.

By way of example, I liken being a “transactional” type person to a craving you have for a chocolate bar, you eat it, you get a moments high and then you crash….you’ve just filled you’re body with empty calories…..a short term high with zero long term benefits. Yes Yes I know the home owner at the end of the day says they just want the Agent to sell their home, I totally get it, but is that really all they want? All too often I hear “well after I sold I never heard from my agent again.”  or that “we didn’t really connect”  and presenting (drum roll please)….THE CHOCOLATE BAR SALESPERSON, they got their high and now onto the next high leaving themselves and their clients feeling….well pretty empty.

I am not the “chocolate bar salesperson.” I like to fill myself up with good things and make my clients feel good in the long run too! I have experienced the benefits of my natural approach with everyone that I’ve worked with. I am not bound by the sales conveyor belt but rather I function in terms of real heartfelt interactions with my clients, I get to know them and do my very best to understand them. I work hard to be that trusted advisor who focuses on her clients and their goals. I employ the art of listening, and not just listen but hear the needs of my clients. As one writer puts it “The quieter you become the more you can hear.”


If you think I am a lid to your pot and that we’d make a great team for your next home selling or buying adventure …..let’s meet!

I can assure you there is a difference and we will have fun along the way

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