Thank you for taking the time to read my brief Bio. In short, I began my Real Estate career as a Property Management Assistant in June of 2006 for a property management firm. Within 2 years of my career I acquired my Real Property Administrator designation (RPA) through the Building Owners and Management Institute (BOMI). I also obtained my Real Estate license shortly there after. The while juggling a young family and working full time, I obtained the next level of licensing…my Brokers. My career was well on its way, armed with designations and licenses I was proud of all that I accomplished. Of course this could of only been done with the loving support of my husband, my children and my wonderful mother.

Here is where it gets real…. while I had my license, my designation, awards and the ascent in the corporate management world, I felt unfulfilled with my career. Then one bleak September morning while sitting through yet another boardroom meeting I realized that my values and personal growth were in serious jeopardy. All that I had accomplished was not worth the sacrifices I made. I was gagging at how far removed I actually became from the people that mattered most. Therefore my change came in October of 2013 when I decided to leave the corporate world behind and jump both feet into residential real estate sales. I weighed the consequences of going full speed ahead but I new that in the long term things would re-balance, and I knew that nothing will change if nothing changes.

As one author said “Making a big life change is pretty scary… but know what’s even scarier? regret.”  So I just went for it! My aim was to be me and to be true to myself, and me is someone who genuinely wants to help guide people and create lasting friendships. But as I grew in this industry I realized some things just weren’t developing the way I wanted them to, so with some more shifts and changes I then left one brokerage for another and joined RE/MAX Affiliates. I felt re-infused with positivity, prospect and determined more than ever to get myself back to who I was. I could never just be standard but instead I needed to be outstanding and this is what I bring forward to each one of my clients.

If you want to read about some of the fabulous people that partnered with me through their home buying and selling journey visit my testimonials page….brings a tear to my eye every time!


“Don’t be afraid of change, it’s leading you to a new beginning”

Author – unknown

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