My Testimonials

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From the moment we met Deidre we were thrilled to be working with such a true professional. A complete pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, dedicated and a Real Estate Agent who truly listens and cares about how you feel. She will guide you through the whole selling/buying process and will find you your dream home as she did for us. She was always there and we could not be more satisfied with her work.

Larry Day & Jayne Heitmeyer - Buyers

Williamstown, ON

In this unprecedented, difficult and very stressful market, Deidre’s expertise and knowledge were key to helping us find our ideal home.  She encouraged us not to settle or compromise but rather to be patient.  We were happy we followed her lead which led us to the perfect house in a quiet neighborhood, near the water.  Simply put, Deidre instills trust.  A friend of ours, an older gentleman, thanked us for recommending Deidre to him when he sold his house.  He told us: “I felt safe with her.”  That statement attests to Deidre’s character, not just as a Real Estate Broker, but as to the kind of person she is.  We would highly recommend Deidre for any of your buying or selling needs.  She’s absolutely the best at what she does.  On a scale of 1-10, she is clearly an 11.

Ray & Cindy G. - Buyers

Summerstown, ON

A big thank you to Deidre van Leyen! She really looks after her clients needs throughout the entire process. Her professional knowledge and expertise, alleviates the stress of buying a house. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Andrea Veerman - Buyer

Orleans, ON

Coming from Europe we got to know Deidre by chance (she was the neighbour of our B&B and they recommended her) and we are very glad we did. She helped us right away and she was straightforward about what to expect considering the demands we had, about the price, about the area…. We appreciated her honesty about the choice of house (sometimes you admire a house but it is not necessarily “your thing” in the long run). Returning (home) to Europe Deidre did really everything for us when we bought a house in Canada. We didn’t have to come back to Canada directly. She was a big help for her contacts with the bank, with the lawyer, with the experts of the house, with the insurance company,…. She followed up everything down to the last detail and with a smile! We really trusted her. Now we live in our beautiful home in Canada thanks to Deidre!

Claire & Yves - Overseas Buyers

Casselman, ON

As a first time homebuyer I had no idea what to expect or an understanding of the process. Deidre was brilliant at explaining and providing detailed information that I could understand and how to proceed. I was very nervous but Deidre helped me every step of the way, she was always happy to help and I felt that she always went above and beyond what I believe an average Realtor is use to providing. I enjoyed working with her, she has has a great sense of humour which made the entire process a wonderful experience and chilled me out. I will be using her again in the future and I HIGHLY recommend her any chance I get!

Paul - First Time Buyer

Casselman, ON

“Working with Deidre to sell our house was great. We had previously bought our retirement house with Deidre so when it came time to sell our house we didn’t hesitate to call her. She gave us lots of guidance in preparing our house to sell which paid off as we sold our house in 4 days! We will definitely recommend Deidre to everyone looking to buy or sell property”.
Sheri & Bruce P. - Seller & Buyers

Morewood, ON

My husband and I are extremely happy with the service and advice Deidre has (and is continuing to) provided us over the last few months. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Our situation was a bit different in that we didn’t need to stage our home as the buyer “fell” into our lap. We had asked Deidre to come and tell us what she felt our house was worth, what we could ask for it, and a few days later she had a client who had specifically wanted to live in our neighbourhood (forest park) and asked if we would be willing to let him come in and see the home. We had not listed at that point, and he was very interested, so we negotiated a price that all of us were extremely happy with.

In total, we had put three offers in on three different houses. Deidre explained the process each time, was very clear on what we needed to do, was always willing to see any location we were interested in, and was clearly working for our best interests. I was continually asking her advice which she always provided in a professional, yet personal way. Deidre works very hard for her clients and she really is “on the ball”. Everyone has a different personality that they work well with. I found Deidre was professional and when it called for it, she had great sense of humour. She is available all the time by text or email, and when we wanted to book a viewing, she was able to accommodate our crazy schedules really well.

I think she has a great handle on what houses are worth, what people are looking for and what is available. The first house we put an offer on didn’t go through due to inspection results. One of the biggest things I like about Deidre is that she is as honest and forthcoming as the day is long. She will always work in the best interest of her client with a high level of integrity. Deidre absolutely stands out amongst the rest! I would be quite alarmed if someone had anything negative to say about Deidre.

To sum it up…..she is AWESOME! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Jennifer & Kerry - Sellers & Buyers

Embrun, ON

In 2015 my fiancé and I started the house hunting process and we couldn’t have asked for or been given a better Realtor. Deidre considered all our needs when searching for a home for us. Not only was Deidre available regardless of the weather, she was very patient with my picky other half. Lol. Very personable but professional, very hard working for her clients, honest to the point that if she doesn’t have an answer she will do some research instead of saying something that may be misleading. Ultimately, Deidre wants to see her clients in a place they can call home not just a new house. I would definitely use Deidre again and again.

April - Buyer

Ottawa, ON

I’ve never been so well taken care of. The dedication and commitment in selling my home was amazing! She walked me through the whole process from start to finish and answered any questions I had. She made herself available and readily answered my calls or emails in a timely fashion. I would recommend this lovely lady to anyone. I’m definitely going to be using her services for my next home purchase!

Aline M. - Seller

Embrun, ON

If we were asked to describe Deidre in 3 words we would say you cannot box Deidre in with just 3 words. She is not merely efficient, knowledgeable and upfront. She 100% has your best interests at heart, she works her butt off for you and she goes way over and above what’s required of her. You will laugh and have the best experience with her. Deidre is worth every penny plus! She honestly was a relief to the stress we were feeling during the selling process and we could not be more elated with the outcome she got for us. Do we recommend Deidre? 1000% YES.
Kaitlin & Ashton Headley - Sellers

Ottawa, ON

Deidre, it was such a great  experience to have you helping me in the most difficult task for me to do (To sell my wife’s dream home). It was hard for me to take that decision but you made it seem effortless and you sold it within 24 hours after putting it on the market! The professionalism that you showed in guiding me in how to prepare my house for showing was outstanding .Your choice of photographer was superb. He really showed the jewel that it was. Thank you so very much for everything and I would recommend your services to all of my family and friends. (Photographer creds: PointsofVue, Martin.)

Denis R. - Seller

Orleans, ON

Having Deidre made a huge difference! She is worth having as an agent for her reliability,  punctuality and going the extra mile. She will work for you and leave no stone unturned, using all available media to get your house into the right hands. Best of all, she took the anxiety out of the equation and even made the whole ordeal fun.

Larry & Ellie Aronson - Sellers & Buyers

Orleans, ON

We used Deidre van Leyen as our Realtor to assist us in finding and purchasing our home in the Embrun area. From beginning to end she continued to impress us. Her knowledge of the area and willingness to help and answer our countless questions is, without a doubt, the reason we found our dream home. Deidre went above and beyond what we’ve ever experienced with any other Realtor and did it with a smile and an amazing sense of humour. I would definitely recommend Deidre van Leyen to friends and family.

Nathalie & Terry M.

Embrun, ON

My Husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Deidre in the purchase of our first home. As a first time home Buyer she held our hands through the experience and went over and above for us. She is so knowledgeable and ensured the process was smooth and yet enjoyable at the same time. Deidre made us feel like we were her only clients and like she truly cared for us. Whatever Deidre promised she delivered and we would most certainly use her again should we choose to buy or sell a home in the future.

Kaitlin & Ashton - First Time Buyers

Ottawa, ON

We met Deidre when we booked a viewing to see a home in February 2017. At that time, we had been looking at houses for nearly 2 years with no luck and were a bit discouraged. When we entered the home for the viewing, Deidre was welcoming and very friendly; she made us feel like she was an old friend. Throughout the viewing, she was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the home and was able to answer any questions we had…and we had a lot! She was also very accommodating when we wanted to attend the home for a second showing with our family. She answered all their questions as well (again, there were a lot). If there was something that Deidre did not know off the top of her head, she made sure to find out and follow up that same day. We decided to purchase the home and although Deidre was officially acting on behalf of the seller, she was so helpful throughout the entire process. As our closing date was in a months time at our choosing, she was in almost daily contact with us and kept us apprised of any new information and impending deadlines. As first time homebuyers, we were anxious; however, Deidre was with us every step of the way and assured us throughout. I would recommend Deidre to any prospective home buyers or sellers as she is trust worthy, knowledgeable, honest and very hard working; a rare combination of traits. We absolutely love our home and could not be happier. Thanks Deidre!

Emily & Brandon - First Time Buyers

Casselman, ON

Working with Deidre was a breeze! She sold our listing in 24 days!!!!! Everything was so simple and easy. She walked us through the paper work step by step and took care of the rest. Even though it was a holiday and we were out of town, she had no problem taking care of business. She impressed us and we will without a doubt be calling Deidre for all our future real estate needs.

Angelique & Matt - Sellers

Limoges, ON

We had the pleasure of working with Deidre for the selling of our house. We interviewed other agents and we chose Deidre. She is very professional in what she does and was always on the ball to get back to us with feedback. Deidre put our house for sale in January an promised that she would sell our house within 6 months and she did in 4 months. Selling a country home is a lot harder than selling a city home. Since than we call her our angel. When negotiation time came for the price of our house with the buyer it got really tough, her support was extraordinary and even she came to our house at 11:00 pm with her cup of coffee to support us, and the deal went in our favor. Just to say that we would hire Deidre again to buy or sell a house. We highly recommend Deidre. She has knowledge and support from her team.

Marc & Sylvie - Sellers & Buyers

Ottawa, ON

We started working with Deidre to buy a new home in Limoges back in September of last year. Deidre is very easy going and knowledgeable. She took the time to get to know my husband and I and to really understand what exactly we were looking for and what we needed out of a home. She walked us through the process, step by step. I admit we don’t have much experience buying or selling (this is only our second home) but she made us feel so confident and trusting.

We actually took a leap and purchased a new home with the a intention of renting our old one as we didn’t think we could get it ready to sell in time for our new mortgage closing. Deidre came to visit our home and assured us that with a little work and staging it would most definitely be ready to hit the market. We decided to go for it. She visited our home again and listed every single thing that would be viewed by prospective buyers and/or their inspectors and told us to get to work. She has so many contacts for companies to do some work that was a little out of our scope (foundation parging repair, window repair, etc) and each of her contacts followed through with great work. A week later she had her photographer in our house to take the professional photos and a walk-through video and we were ready to go to mls. She opened the listing to agents only for the first 24 hours. She sent our listing out to her whole contact list and the day it listed we had people wanting to visit our home. They visited and they made an offer that night. Our house was sold from offer to signing in 16 days after all inspections, water testing etc. This is proof of good staging and pricing. Deidre was really on our side while selling, she was a strong negotiator in our behalf. She listened to us when we had concerns and always looked out for our best interest.

Deidre is funny, incredibly smart and full of energy. She’s very knowledgeable about the area and had a great contact list from the sounds of it. She is dedicated and will really do everything in her power to ensure that her clients are taken care of 100%. Even if that means answering texts and emails with questions at 11:00 at night or coming to our home with paperwork at 6:00 am because we don’t have any other time. She is incredibly accommodating. I highly recommend Deidre as a realtor for both selling, and buying.

Samantha & Sebastien - Sellers & Buyers

Limoges, ON